About Sister Summit

Deona Smith Headshot - WebSister Summit is an organization that offers a series of events that celebrate women of color and their children and promotes personal and professional development by providing an opportunity for empowerment and sisterhood. With events held in several cities, guests learn from experts, network with other women, shop with local and regional businesses, and discover new things about their children and themselves. The Sister Summit expo features seminars, vendors, health screenings, crafts, cooking and fitness demonstrations, a kids zone, and lots of entertainment. Sister Summit also produces conferences, film screenings, entrepreneurial workshops, and award galas recognizing trailblazing women in local communities.

    The Sister Summit Story

Sister Summit was founded in Charleston, SC by local entrepreneur Deona Smith. In 2010, Ms. Smith was a magazine publisher and she wanted a way to connect with her female readers. Many called asking for advice about their businesses or careers and some wanted mentors. She began a women’s group called Native Sister Circle and held monthly meetings as a way to exchange information, network and build sisterhood. During the meetings, the ladies were encouraged to bring business cards and share their entrepreneurial endeavors. It quickly became evident that the women needed a way to expose their products and services to a wider audience. So in 2011, Smith founded Sister Summit as a women’s expo.

“I wanted the women in my group to have an expo to showcase their businesses, but I also wanted to provide something educational. As a local business woman, I was invited to many conferences and events and discovered that I was often the only African-American woman in the room. I would think about the empowering information being shared and thought that more women who looked like me should be there to receive these messages. Sister Summit is my way of giving women, women of color specifically, the opportunity to gain valuable information. It’s a day where we come together to be educated and to focus on our needs. It’s also a good time to connect with other like-minded women and have a bit of fun,” said Smith.



Please visit our Programs Page to learn more about Sister Summit’s nonprofit, the Sister Summit Foundation.



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