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The Sister Summit Foundation is a nonprofit committed to the social, cultural and economic empowerment of women of color through programs that promote education, entrepreneurship and the arts by offering opportunities for personal and professional development.

Sister Summit is not only an event, it is an empowerment movement. We offer year-round programming that promotes personal and career development and sisterhood. Please review our programs and events below.

The Single Mom Series

Along with the joy of motherhood, single mothers can face special challenges and stressors – finances, parent involvement, legal issues, dating and more. Join us for The Single Mom Series where we will offer resources, support and information. Each meeting features a session focusing on your needs and a session that deals with the needs of your children. And it wouldn’t be Sister Summit if we didn’t add a splash of fun.

Sister Circle

People are telling you to live your purpose and find your passion and you don’t know where to start. Sister Circle offers group coaching to help women live their best lives and find their true calling. These sessions allow women to confront their fears and remove the obstacles that are impeding their growth and development.


Women in Business

Business women have the opportunity to attend sessions designed to help them promote and grow their businesses.

Legacy Awards

We honor local women who are community trailblazers. The Sister Summit Legacy Award was established as a way to recognize the hard work, unselfish acts, and unwavering commitment of women to their community.

Sister Cinema

Sister Cinema

Sister Cinema is an event that features films by and about women of color. A combination of shorts and features, Sister Cinema uses films to start dialogue on women’s issues. A panel discussion follows the event where experts share knowledge and theme focused information.



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