Sister Summit offers exhibits of the best companies serving our area, lively entertainment, seminars and loads of fun. Informative seminars designed to educate and empower include expert speakers and facilitators discussing financial literacy, health and wellness, career and personal development, and business and entrepreneurship.

There will also be plenty of opportunities for fun. Seminars on beauty, style and home décor, along with our Pamper Parlor filled with massage and treatment chairs offers attendees some much needed girl time.


The Sister Summit woman is vibrant, active and independent. She is particularly brand loyal and brand savvy. She is an educated professional or business owner who wants the very best in her life – from what she wears, eats and drives to where she lives, shops and travels. She has tremendous buying power and is more likely to purchase from companies that support her community.


Sister Summit is a relationship building event to connect your brand with the lucrative, influential and loyal African-American female consumer. It offers one-on-one interaction with locals and visiting guests. Sister Summit sponsors receive significant marketing exposure to a group of targeted decision makers. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases including everything from health care to automobiles. And 92% of women pass along consumer information about special deals and quality products to their friends and associates. Don’t miss this opportunity to share your products and services at Sister Summit. Sponsorships can be customized to fit specific needs and are available to companies and individuals.

  • Increased brand awareness and sales
  • Sampling opportunities
  • Media Exposure
  • Association of your brand with a positive, inspiring community event
  • Invitation to sponsor-only event
  • Logo with link on Sister Summit website
  • Corporate Signage

On-Site Promotions
Sister Summit connects your brand with a concentrated target audience. All sponsorships include an opportunity for product sampling through an exhibit booth and attendee gift bags. A sponsorship will surely generate sales from this loyal consumer market. On-site promotions are also accomplished through signage and public announcements.

Media Relations
Sister Summit will provide maximum media exposure for your brand. With partnerships with television, radio, print and online media, you are assured of coverage throughout the local area, as well as marketing efforts in drive markets.

Marketing Materials
Sponsors of Sister Summit will be acknowledged on all printed and advertising material such as brochures, post cards, newspaper and magazine advertisements, billboards, official poster and direct mail campaign materials. Sister Summit employs digital media through the website, E-newsletters and social media.

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