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They say knowledge is power. Sister Summit works to provide the knowledge and resources you need, through collective collaboration, to live the life you want on your terms. We are a network of professional go-getters who want to succeed at work and win in life. Come as you are and be transformed into the woman you know in your heart you can be.

What do we offer? Each month you can expect virtual meetings, mastermind groups, articles, webinars, videos, handbooks, live events and other valuable resources. And we welcome you to share your expertise by contributing articles and conducting workshops. We lift each other as we climb.

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Get informative articles, videos, and online courses each month without having to leave your home. Curated members-only content features topics like entrepreneurship, health and wellness, financial literacy, career development, meditation and mindfulness, life balance, and parenting. And there’s more. Select from a Life Leap or Business membership to get started today. 

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